Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Addictions

As the title/picture suggests, I'm officially addicted to coconut milk yogurt. It tasted just like regular yogurt, except creamier. It was incredibly coconutty, and was seriously just plain DELICIOUS. I think I'm going to try the coconut kefir next, yummmyyy.
I've also started trying my hand at barbeque tempeh. My first attempt, the sandwich on the bottom with pepperjack cheese and tomatoes, was spot-on. The only change I would've made was the barbeque sauce I used; the flavor just didn't complement the soy tempeh at all. It actually went against it and just made this weird kind of gross flavor combo, although it was more noticeable in the second barbequed tempeh sandwich, the one at the top with cucumbers. I still have some left over, so I'm going to probably marinade it for about an hour in a smokier flavored sauce and then bake it a tad longer. Overall it was not a bad attempt, and tempeh will for sure stay in my diet. It kept me full for a while, which is important considering I'm working 8-hour shifts daily.
I've got a ton more entries to write on food I've had in the last two weeks! I'm such a slacker with my blog. =[

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