Monday, June 21, 2010

Blah sinuses!

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past few days, I've been sick! =[

And thus not hungry...grrr.

I more than made up for that today, though:


"Can you hold this while I go tinkle?"

(She'll be back in a moment folks....)

...^ Isn't my boyfriend great? Heehee...heeheee... (Aren't I?)

...Ignore him. =D


Yeah, sushi!

My sister and I went out today, as I had a mild case of cabin fever. We decided to venture to the sushi place down the road from our house, which I had been dying to try.

Each roll had spicy salmon on top (marinated in sriracha, it seemed), along with a small drop of the aforementioned INCREDIBLE chile sauce. The roll contained crab, cucumber, and some yellow vegetable that was bitter...I wasn't very fond...maybe it was yellow ginger? Not sure. Dipped lightly in soy sauce, this totally satiated my sushi craving.

For dinner, my sister and I decided to try something a little different:

Salmon bagels.

I found the recipe here, on my cousin's blog.

This was a really simple recipe, and will definitely be something protein-packed to eat for lunch or breakfast when I leave for college.

As the video above will detail, the salmon bagels consist of a whole wheat bagel, cream cheese, canned (or oven-baked) salmon, hard-boiled egg, red onion, and avocado.

I started picking the red onion off mine. As much as I love it, it was a bit to harsh for the mellow tastes of this bagel.

Aside some hashbrowns with hot sauce, this dinner was delish.

Until next time, blogging world!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Indian food, you complete me.

So I've had chickpeas and curry (in London! Wooo!), Amy's paneer tikka masala, and a sample of some Indian my co-worker brought to lunch one day, but I've always been eager to to try an actual Indian buffet.

Today the aforementioned co-worker and I did just that, and decided to go to what I've heard is the best Indian buffet in our city, Bombay Bistro.

Look at this heavenly spread of deliciousness:

Alright, that's not such an impressive spread. This was my 2nd or 3rd plate. ;]

But THIS is an impressive spread:

I can't even tell you all that we ate. This place was all I wanted it to be, plus more. All of it was incredibly fresh, and healthy to boot.
...Except for maybe the spinach pakora. Fried spinach anyone? Oh well, it was still EXCELLENT. If you look at the first picture, the pakora is the crunchy-looking stuff to the left of the naan and to the right of the celery chicken.
They had a nice selection of chutneys, and I chose my favorites, the cilantro chutney and the yogurt chutney. I ate those with the naan. In addition I had basmati rice, coconut chicken curry, tandoori chicken, a potato/spinach combo (saag aloo?) and a few other things whose names escape me. I think I could eat Indian food for the rest of my life and be very content.
To top it all off, for dessert they had THIS:

Sev khir! To die for! It's coconut milk with vermicelli noodles and spices. I'm not sure what spices in particular, but they taste like the spices that go in chai tea, so I dubbed them chai spices. This was unbelievably great. I thought its appearance was odd at first but one taste proved otherwise.
I think I see a lot of Indian food in my future. I may experiment with making curries and maybe I'll try my hand at sev khir, because it doesn't look that difficult to make.
Jeez. This post has left me craving more Indian, big time...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beach food!

My boyfriend and I traversed to the beach yesterday, and I insisted upon packing food for our trip.

No pictures of that unfortunately, but I packed us crackers with my favorite Sabra hummus, a nutella and organic peanut butter sandwich for him, a organic peanut butter and Crofter's fruit spread sandwich for me, peaches, and plenty of water.

We ate that and were hungry later on, so we ventured to one of our favorite restaurants: Mellow Mushroom. Yay!

He ordered a 10-inch white pizza for himself, while I opted for the half tempeh hoagie:

One word for this hoagie: perfection. Tempeh has been on my list of things to try for a while now, and what better place to try it than at Mellow Mushroom? It was tender and very meat-like; the taste of soy was very, very subtle. Whatever they marinated the tempeh in (I'm going to guess teriyaki) seriously did it justice. Combined with the grilled vegetables, saltiness of the feta cheese, and light pesto mayo, it was truly satisfying. The only thing disappointing was that they left off the sprouts. I was looking forward to those. Ohhh well.

This has nothing to do with my trip to the beach yesterday, but today I tried out Chobani's Pomegranate greek yogurt. I'll take Oiko's over Chobani almost any day, but this yogurt made me re-evaluate that decision.

I've only been able to find pomegranate at one particular grocery store in my city, and it's one that I absolutely detest, but with a 5/$5 deal, I simply couldn't turn down a visit. =]

Basically, not even going to lie, this tastes EXACTLY like the Trix yogurt of my youth. This is going to be a staple flavor from now on. It's right up there with my favorites: Oiko's honey and Oiko's caramel. Yummm. The only thing that was sort of odd was the pomegranate arils at the bottom, but I guess you can't have something pomegranate flavored without those. ;]

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm baaack!

So I'm back after a long hiatus. =]

This morning I decided to make a lassi-okay, I could call it a smoothie but I was watching Bobby Flay and he made one so I was inspired-and it was awesomely delicious:

In case you're unfamiliar with a lassi, it's a yogurt-based Indian drink. They can either be savory or sweet, and of course in this instance I made a sweet mango one.


1/2 a mango
5 or 6 raspberries
1 container honey Oiko's greek yogurt
a splash of soy milk

I only used a splash of soy milk and it made the lassi really thick, but if you're looking for something creamier then use upwards of 1/4 cup.

I just blended everything together aaand there it was! A refreshing mango lassi on a warm summer morning. =]