Thursday, June 17, 2010

Indian food, you complete me.

So I've had chickpeas and curry (in London! Wooo!), Amy's paneer tikka masala, and a sample of some Indian my co-worker brought to lunch one day, but I've always been eager to to try an actual Indian buffet.

Today the aforementioned co-worker and I did just that, and decided to go to what I've heard is the best Indian buffet in our city, Bombay Bistro.

Look at this heavenly spread of deliciousness:

Alright, that's not such an impressive spread. This was my 2nd or 3rd plate. ;]

But THIS is an impressive spread:

I can't even tell you all that we ate. This place was all I wanted it to be, plus more. All of it was incredibly fresh, and healthy to boot.
...Except for maybe the spinach pakora. Fried spinach anyone? Oh well, it was still EXCELLENT. If you look at the first picture, the pakora is the crunchy-looking stuff to the left of the naan and to the right of the celery chicken.
They had a nice selection of chutneys, and I chose my favorites, the cilantro chutney and the yogurt chutney. I ate those with the naan. In addition I had basmati rice, coconut chicken curry, tandoori chicken, a potato/spinach combo (saag aloo?) and a few other things whose names escape me. I think I could eat Indian food for the rest of my life and be very content.
To top it all off, for dessert they had THIS:

Sev khir! To die for! It's coconut milk with vermicelli noodles and spices. I'm not sure what spices in particular, but they taste like the spices that go in chai tea, so I dubbed them chai spices. This was unbelievably great. I thought its appearance was odd at first but one taste proved otherwise.
I think I see a lot of Indian food in my future. I may experiment with making curries and maybe I'll try my hand at sev khir, because it doesn't look that difficult to make.
Jeez. This post has left me craving more Indian, big time...

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