Thursday, April 15, 2010

Europe on my mind

I spent the first of april through the tenth in europe, and if there's one thing I miss, its the buttery croissants I got to eat every morning for breakfast. When I got back to the states, the first thing I wanted to do was buy croissants. I did just that. My grocery store only had one variety: whole wheat and flax. So I went with it.

This morning I had one wheat and flax croissant with crofter's superfruit spread and nutella.

It was DELICIOUS. The croissant obviously wasn't as buttery as the ones I enjoyed in Europe, but it still had a nice texture. Nutella has been a fav for a while but this was my first time trying Crofter's. Best jam I've ever had, by far. It's got chunks of cherries in it and is flavored with organic red grapes, organic passionfruit, and organic maqui, as well as organic natural cane sugar. Perfection. I highly recommend it.

Halfway through my first class I ate an apple C Bar.
I've experimented with all kinds of Clif bars, from the regular ones with the mountain-climber dude on the front, to Luna bars, to the Clif Kids ones. The regular ones are too dense for my taste, but I adore Lunas and the Clif Kids are my favorite. Well...until now. The C bar was soooo good, and so soft. It had the same texture as a Larabar, and tasted much the same as the apple pie kind. I will definitely be buying this one again.

Lunch will remain unpictured since it was a perfunctory school lunch. I honestly detest school lunch but sometimes I'm too lazy to pack, so I buy. It was chicken nugget day, though, which helped me detest the school's food a little less. =]

Asparagus is a side dish for dinner tonight...can't wait!

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